1. Intergrated / Comprehensive Urban Development Plan (IUDP)
2. Rural Municipal Trahsport Master Plan (R/MTMP)
3. Building & Planning Bylaws
4. Land Use Plan
5. Soil Test
6. Preparation of Detailed Project Report of Road, Bridge, Building, Cable Car, Hydropower
7. Matrix System (House Numbering) using cadastral map, GIS and Drone image & Video
8. Tourism Development Master Plan (TDMP)
9. IEE for the extraction of sand, Gravel and stone from River
10. EIA of River
11. IEE/EIA for other propose
12. 7 Day's Earthquake Resistant Building Construction Training for Mason
13. Rural / Municipal Profile (Apps based)
14. Pre/ Feasibility of Irrigation Canal and drift (Medium irrigation)
15. Pre/Feasibility of water supply and drift, Hydropower
16. Detailed Feasibility of Irrigation Canal, water supply and drift, Road Bridge, Cable Car, Hydropower
17. Preparation of Climate change and Disaster Risk Reduction / Management Plan
18. Earthquake Resistant Design of Private, Public and Governmental Building
19. Earthquake Resistant Design of Private, Public and Governmental Hospital Building
20. Survey and Design of Suspension Bridge
21. Survey and Design of Transmission Line